Eve of Earth Apothecary.

Love, for the REvolution

Welcome to the humble & fervent magic of the Eve of Earth Apothecary.

Intended as a bridge between the blessings of this Alchemical Art, Pottery, & Harmonic Herbal Creations, & the people who may benefit from having them (maybe even you) !

We are in the early days and still becoming !

These Herbal blends of Tinctures and Oils have honestly been such a joy to create and share so far.

~ This is Alchemical Archetypal Medicine, to call certain parts of you forward, to rise to the occasion of your happiest timeline.

Everything in the apothecary is handmade, eco-aware, and organic whenever possible.

please send out a little prayer for my shop as it comes into fruition.

All things in Perfect Timing. Love Love, Eve.

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